Roisin – New2Tri

Last May I signed up for Tritainium TC New2Tri programme. A friend had convinced me to do a triathlon after I went to support them at Dublin City Triathlon in the Pheonix Park.

I had run 5k before and went to the gym, but I’d never done anything like a triathlon before and thought I wouldn’t be able for it. I couldn’t swim so I needed to learn, and I hadn’t been on a bike in years, so it was definitely one of my crazier ideas.

I wanted to join a club, but I wasn’t sure about it as I felt that everyone would be fitter and way more advanced and I’d get left behind. I went to the information evening for Tritainium and signing up was the best thing I did, as the support and guidance from the club has been incredible from the beginning.

To start off with as I was taking part in the New2tri programme. Getting a structured plan every week was great, as it made it easier to know what training I needed to do and plan for each week for all three disciplines. The support and encouragement from the more experienced members really gave me a boost in confidence that I might actually be able to complete a full triathlon.

The club sessions were excellent as they are set up for all levels and even being the slowest and usually last, I was never left behind or made to feel bad and the coaching really helped to improve my technique and speed week by week.

I completed my first Triathlon in September 2018 and the buzz was amazing and it was great to be taking part with so many people that I’d been training with over the past number of weeks.

I can’t thank the club enough for the effort and time invested into the New2Tri programme, they really go the extra mile in supporting people achieve their goals. Everything is geared towards seeing members progress and the motto of the club is “no one gets left behind” and this is always the case.

It’s been great fun so far, I met some fantastic people, challenged myself and gotten out of my comfort zone all whilst having the best laugh. I’ve already signed up go for another Triathlon, the first of many in 2019!

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