Covid-19 Update: Given the ongoing pandemic, all in person training is suspended until further notice. 

Training plans are shared in the group Whats App and focus is on individual bike and run sessions.

Trainer Road is used for the turbo with 3 scheduled sessions a week – Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, Sunday morning at 10am.

The bike sessions are geared towards two groups – long distance (Ironman 70.3 and full) and short distance (Sprint, Olympic).

Running must be done individually and within the most up to date public health guidelines. There are three set runs a week – a steady, short run, an interval set and a long slow run. Again these are targeted towards those with longer distance goals and those with shorter distance goals.

We hope to resume our regular training schedule once permitted, below is an outline of what this typically looks like.

*Please note this is subject to change and availability of venues post Covid.

We have a comprehensive training programme based on a timetable of coached swims, runs and cycle sessions.

Whilst we encourage you to train with the club as much as you can, we understand that sometimes family, work and other commitments mean that the club sessions just do not suit.

No member will  be thought of any less for missing sessions. They will just miss out on the cake and chats!

Our typical timetable for training is below: