*Covid-19 Update*  Please note their are currently no cycles planned. The below set up is subject to change and review

Our cycle coaches have prepared plans that you will be able to complete by yourself at home on a turbo trainer, during the week, at a time that suits you.

On a weekend we will have group spins with an emphasis on developing cycle skills and cake.

The Sunday spins are divided in to two groups and where possible the groups will try to meet up at the coffee spot, if not there is always coffee back at the finish point.

Leisure Group:

Aim to cover approximately 60-75km (depending on the day, weather conditions etc)  with an average of 19 -20kph. The Leisure Spin operates on a “no one gets left behind policy”.

Race Group:

Aims to cover approximately 85-120km with a minimum average speed of 25kph. If you are not able to maintain the average speed the group will continue on. It is your responsibility to ensure you are able to reach and maintain the speed of the group.

We also will be organising an Inter Club TT league with other triathlon clubs, details to follow shortly.