To 50 and Beyond: The start.

So, rather than just writing a race report after an event, this is hopefully going to be a regular diary of my preparation for an event as well as an actual race report after the event. I won’t write the posts too often – probably just once a month.

My ‘A’ race in 2024 is Ironman Mallorca 70.3. It takes place in Alcudia on Saturday 11th May 2024. There could be others but that’s the first planned ‘A’ race in 2024.

Today is the 8th October and I’m about to start my training plan for the event – which is now, just under, 30 weeks away.

I’ve been doing triathlon for a good while now. My first event was in 2011 (A sprint triathlon in the National Aquatic Centre, Dublin) and since then I’ve done several full-distance triathlons and halves, but haven’t raced since COVID hit in 2020. I survived the pandemic and was even getting a good bit of training in, once everything opened up though I fell off the wagon and indulged in all the things I had been forced to abstain from during COVID, mainly involving drinking and eating!

So a couple of months ago I was 135kg on the scales. I decided I needed to set a target and get back into doing triathlon and bike racing. I don’t want to be old and unhealthy and I’m in danger of going there. That couple of months of training has seen me shed 10kg so now around the 125kg mark.

So what’s ahead in 2024? There’ll be a training camp or two, a few triathlons, a Gran Fondo, a hilly sportive, and a bit of bike racing both real world and virtual. Busy times ahead!

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