Woe is me

21st January 2019

I’m going to keep these weekly updates as brief as I can as it means they are easier for me to write and easier for people to read. People are reading yeah?

Week 1 into my training and things are already getting challenging. The week started and I managed to injure my knee, I’m just after coming back from a knee injury in the same leg and it has set me back a little bit. I’m still able to run but I am having to hold back and it meant that I only managed to get two run sessions in last week and one was cut short.

Monday nights club run was missed – I just coached.  Knee was too painful and I had been to the gym to test it and was struggling to do a single leg extension >2.5kg.

Wednesday in the Indoor arena was a tough one – I held back a bit to make sure I didn’t do any more damage to my knee and came through the session unscathed. It was a ladder session of 6,5,4,3,2,1 minutes hard, with 2-3 mins recovery. I was averaging >5 minutes per km pace and felt I had plenty in reserve.

Friday was the club long run and the plan was 2x 7km laps = 14km. I did one lap and then as I turned to do the second felt something twinge in my knee. I cut the run short there and then and went to drink coffee instead.

Saturday was the club bike skills session – was good fun, not much cycling for me but was great seeing bike handling improving within the space of 10 mins in one drill – the cone pickups.

Sunday was the club long spin. It was a cold damp day but we got the 60+km loop done and felt better for it. I was looking for excuses not to go, but couldn’t find any believable ones, and in the end, I was glad I got out.

All in all, it was a pretty light training week. Too light. Not enough cycling was done and no swimming.

Weight is down 0.5kg to 114.5kg. It’s a start but a long way still to go.

My masters has started and already it’s taking up a fair bit of time. I think I’ve my time planned and structured well enough though to be able to complete both the work and all the training I should be doing – I won’t really know until the assignments start rolling in.

Plan or the coming week is to increase the running to 3 sessions (hopefully include a 5km test) and to do 3 bike sessions. I’ll add the swimming back in the week after.

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